Premium Series Windows

The ultimate in performance and luxury!

Window technology has changed dramatically in the over the years with advancements that have made windows more efficient, more beautiful and more affordable. The PlyGem Premium Series has consistently led the way.
Premium Series Ply Gem Windows
The PlyGem Premium Series provides technology to deliver high energy efficiency, and maintenance freedom. With quality checks every step along the way to ensure your new windows and doors remain trouble free. Our windows have been tested and certified by leading independent industry organizations including the Window & Door Manufacturers Association and the National Fenestration Rating Council. Not to mention that our units with our HP glass package, soft coat Low-E with Argon have earned the ENERGY STAR label from the Department of Energy.
Proof positive that PlyGem Premium Series windows and doors reflect our view of the world: to manufacture superior quality products that satisfy every customer, every day.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could feel so confident about everything you bought?
Pinch Fusion-Welding Construction
Other window companies utilize staples, screws or caulk to hold window frame corners together. The PlyGem Premium Series windows are entirely fusion welded — sashes and mainframes — to create a solid, one-piece unit that maintains its strength over the years. Our state-of-the-art fusion process ensures frame and sash corners won't have the excess variance found with other welding techniques.

Heavy-duty Weatherstripping
Other window companies make windows that allow air infiltration which create drafts and raise energy costs.These windows feature heavy-duty weatherstripping to provide a barrier to air and water. In independent air infiltration studies PlyGem Premium Series windows rate significantly better than the industry standard and much better than other window brands. That means you save energy dollars.

R-Core® Insulation
Testing proves PlyGem Premium Series vinyl windows provide higher thermal performance than windows made of wood or metal. But we don't stop there.The vinyl mainframes are filled with patented* R-Core® (pre-expanded high-density solid-polyurethane insulation), the same type used in many refrigerator/freezer doors. It prevents voids and settling and results in even distribution of the maximum insulating barrier.

New Generation Vinyl
Wood or Metal windows can stick when they swell, or deteriorate from corrosion. New Generation Vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear-and-tear better. PlyGem Premium Series windows are constructed with rugged, maintenance-free New Generation uiPVC. Its low conductivity and high energy-efficiency properties are ideal for PlyGem Premium Series advanced window construction. And because vinyl's base color is solid through-and-through, you'll never need to paint or stain these windows.

Warm Edge Technology
The Warm Edge glass spacer system within PlyGem Premium Series windows reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by utilizing a unique U-shaped channel to separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold. Warm Edge Intercept is one continuous piece creating a stronger, more energy-efficient insulated glass unit. Plus it flexes with glass expansion and contraction to ensure a strong seal for the life of the window.

Choose Your Level of Comfort

HP Glass System - Because glass makes up the
jority of a window's surface, better glass means better energy efficiency. The original HP glass system has one lite of soft coat, 7/8" single-surface multilayer vacuum-deposition Low-E insulated glass unit with argon gas. Argon gas is nearly 40% denser than air* which means more energy efficiency for your home.

HP2 Glass System - has two lites of Low-E glass and an insulation chamber of Argon gas. The 7/8" dual-surface multilayer vacuum-deposition Low-E insulated glass units with argon gas makes these windows nearly two times more energy efficient than a clear insulated glass unit. PlyGem Premium Series with HP2 glass creates the ultimate unit in thermal performance.

Advanced Easy Clean Glass®
Advanced Easy Clean with PPG Technology glass is a remarkable advancement in glass design that eliminates frequent exterior window cleaning. Windows and doors with special Easy-Clean Glass require less effort than windows with ordinary glass.

Though they may be the most commonly seen window style, PlyGem Premium Series double-hung windows remain a clear favorite for their classic design and functionality. Not to mention they're the picture of modern technology-inside and out.
  • Fully fusion-welded sash and mainframe for extra strength    7/8" insulating glass with Warm Edge spacer system for added energy efficiency
  • Meeting rails have Integral Interlock- for a weather-tight seal and extra security
  • Wool-pile weather stripping on both sash and mainframe for protection against air, dust and moisture
  • Triple weather-stripped check rail and sash bottom rail, ensures long term performance
  • Ventilation limit-latches for added security when windows are partially open
  • Sloped sill with unique SilLok design ensures natural water run-off
  • Block and tackle balance system for easy care free operation
  • Two cam-action locks on windows over 25" wide
  • Top and bottom Lift rail for ease of operation
  • Trim line design for maximum viewing area
  • Economically designed tilt latch buttons for easy operation and easy cleaning from inside your home.
  • PlyGem Premium Series comes standard with the vinyl mainframe filled with patented R-Core® (pre-expanded high-density solid polyurethane insulation)

A sister to the double-hung, PlyGem Premium Series sliding windows let the fresh air in when you want it, or seal tight to keep the weather out. They're precision manufactured for superior energy performance with an elegant eye on design.
  • The vinyl mainframes are filled with patented R-Core® (pre-expanded high-density solid-polyurethane insulation), the same type used in many refrigerator/freezer doors
  • Integral interlock with fiberglass reinforces the meeting rails for unsurpassed strength, warmth and durability
  • Full perimeter, high performance weatherstripping provides maximum energy efficiency
  • The glass spacer system within the PlyGem Premium Series windows reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by utilizing a unique U-shaped channel to separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold
  • Sloped Sill weep system with matching weep baffle for maximum performance

Their looks provide a distinctive European flair. But that great old world appearance has now met modern day performance. PlyGem Premium Series casement windows maintain all the classic charm while adding today's standards of energy efficiency and durability.
  • R-Core® insulation keeps your home warm, comfortable and energy efficient    Fusion-welded frames and sashes stay strong and in place for a lifetime of dependable performance
  • Easy-to-reach multi-point locking system provides increased security with a single conveniently located handle
  • Add decorative grids or choose one of our Designer glass designs for character and elegance.
  • New generation uiPVC vinyl never needs painting or caulking and resists conducting heat


Life doesn't always have to be about trade-offs. Now you can experience the one-of-a-kind panoramic view of a PlyGem Premium Series Bay or Bow window and enjoy unsurpassed energy efficiency. Truly the best of both worlds - great outdoor views with complete indoor comfort.

  • Custom made to ensure a good fit in your home
  • Available in casement or double-hung styles
  • Personalize with one of our decorative grids or V-groove cut glass
  • Fusion-welded frames and sashes for extra strength and dependable performance
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping ensures a tighter seal
  • R-Core® insulation and Warm Edge glass system help keep utility costs down
  • Multi-point locking system secures the window in several locations simultaneously with a single handle
  • Available with Advanced Easy Clean® Glass with PPG Technology for an easier cleaning that lasts longer.


PlyGem Premium Series garden windows bring an added dimension of depth and natural beauty to your home. Sure they're designed to let the sunshine in, but equally as important is their ability to keep unwanted weather out. And maintenance-free construction means all you have to care for are the plants, not the windows!
  • New Generation uiPVC Vinyl never needs painting and resists conducting heat and cold    Equipped with Low-E glass for energy efficiency
  • Tempered Glass interior shelf adds space for plants (standard on units under 48")
  • Optional Dupont Corian® seat adds exceptional style and durability
  • Operating trapezoid casement side panels feature easy-to-operate, easy-to-reach, multi-point locking system.


It's important to choose products carefully for the entryways to your home. They represent the first impression of your home to guests, and are a critical point of safety against intrusion. PlyGem Premium Series sliding patio doors deliver the beauty you want and the security you need.

  • 1" insulating glass with Warm Edge spacer system to added energy efficiency.
  • Full perimeter, high performance weatherstripping
  • Custom-fit interlock system provide extra protection against air infiltration for enhanced energy performance
  • Our doors glide on over-sized tandem steel rollers and provide smooth and effortless operation
  • A heavy-duty vinyl sill with a stainless steel roller guide delivers superior strength, resists frost and condensation
  • Anti take-out device in the head of every door makes it virtually impossible to remove the active panel
  • Heavy-duty locking system is standard or for optimum security choose our optional dual point lock and/or our optional footbolt lock which has a vent latch position
  • Solar Shades or Blinds between the glass for an elegant entrance without compromising energy efficiency.
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